assess Risk objectively

Know your individual Risk Tolerance

Recognize Predator behaviour

Send A Message With Your Body Language

own the power of your voice

understand the Psychology of Fighting Back

discern body dynamics for Quick Releases

Use your Fear As A Gift


We too often put aside our instincts to be polite or because we think we are not sure.

 Join Nancy Osborne CD and Kathleen May for a workshop that was designed by women for women. Reconnect with the natural instincts that allow you to quickly recognize a predatory situation, realistically assess the risk and appropriately respond in line with your own personal level of risk tolerance.  The day moves along the spectrum of managing  non-verbal, verbal and physical intimidation and confrontation. I GOT THIS believes that self-defense is a place where the psychological, emotional, and physical come together to foster a dynamic shift in our perception of power. 

The workshops are suitable for women of any age; no matter the level to which they may have been targeted for harassment or violence in the past.  

 Unlocking Your Instincts isn’t about what NOT to do – it’s about saying, “I GOT THIS” 

highly suitable for:

  • Corporate or Government organizations intent on due diligence in the empowerment of their women employees

  • Not-For-Profit organizations with a mandate of care for women in their communities

  • Universities or Colleges with a duty of care for the women attending their institutions

  • Any levels of government concerned about the welfare of their constituents

  • Women caring for themselves and other women in their tribe

Prices are dependent on the location, number of participants and the availability of a suitable facility. Bespoke workshops of varying lengths and for larger audiences can also be accommodated.

Contact I GOT THIS and we will work together with you for the ideal custom workshop.