Join Nancy Osborne CD for a one-day workshop for women. Reconnect with natural instincts that allow you to quickly identify potential threats in everyday life AND when the unexpected happens. We too often put aside our instincts to be polite or because we think we are not “sure”. The workshop explores tools and tactics that women can utilize to realistically assess risk and confidently confront a wide variety of situations. The day will move through situational awareness and predator identification along the spectrum to managing verbal and physical confrontation. I GOT THIS believes that personal security goes beyond self defense; it is a place where the psychological and emotional meet the physical.

Unlike other programs, “Unlocking Your Instincts” isn’t about what NOT to do it’s about saying “I GOT THIS” 

The workshops are for women of any age and include thought-provoking exercises as well as presentations and discussions in plenary. It is designed for all women no matter the level at which they have been targeted for harassment or violence in the past. It is about confidence and a comfort to recognize and manage a full spectrum of situations from the man who makes you uncomfortable on first sight to someone who actually grabs you.

REALISTIC Risk ASSESSMENT Through Likelihood And Impact


Sending A Message With Your Body Language

Recognizing Predator Grooming

Using Fear As A Gift

The Psychology of Fighting Back as Women

Quick Releases from Common Grips, GRABS and Holds



highly suitable for

Corporate organizations intent on due diligence in the protection and empowerment of women employees or clients at all levels

Not for Profit organizations with a mandate of care for women in their communities

Universities or Colleges with a duty of care for the women attending their institutions

Any levels of government concerned about the welfare of their women staff and constituents

Women caring for themselves and other women in their tribe


Each workshop is normally eight hours long and can accommodate a minimum of nine and maximum of eighteen women. Prices are dependent on the location, number of participants and the availability of a suitable facility and catering. Bespoke presentations of varying lengths and/or for larger audiences can also be accommodated. Contact I GOT THIS and we will work together with you for the ideal custom presentation or workshop.