Patricia Snell, President & Co-Founder-Muskoka Roastery Coffee Co

"As a business professional I am always looking for new ways to interact effectively in the workplace. Over the years I have learned to manage by example and being a good role model means continually upgrading and improving. As such I reached out to Nancy Osborne because I was so impressed with her vast and varied experience, knowledge and a long list of professional  accomplishments. I knew she was a person I could learn from. During our workshops Nancy used her own real life experiences to demonstrate ways of: managing difficult situations; asserting oneself and owning your space and communicate effectively. I was delighted to work with Nancy and look forward to learning more from her in the years to come."

MARION CRAIG, Vice-President, IODE Laurentian, Ottawa, Canada

“I recently brought in Nancy Osborne to speak to an eclectic group of women who had held senior government positions. We were keen to understand predator behaviours and how to manage uncomfortable situations before they escalate.   Nancy draws on a deep well of experience, allowing her to present knowledgeable and sensible advice, while fielding tough questions simply and sensitively.  What can I say? Wow. Just wow. “

LEN BEAULNE, CD, Director of Campus Life, Rosseau Lake College

“Life is like a river, ever changing as it flows. Nancy has never stood on the shore and watched life flow by but has always braved even the rapids to engage with the challenges it presents. Nancy Osborne’s outstanding qualities and richness of character shine through whenever she speaks to an audience.”

MICHELLE EMSON, Web Ninja, Photographer, Video Producer, and Keynote Speaker, Sanctuary Studios Inc

“I recently attended a presentation from the incredible Nancy Osborne. I can’t begin to articulate just how life-changing it was.  Nancy is clearly a subject-matter-expert in her field with impressive credentials. Her presentation style was light, authoritative, engaging, entertaining, and dynamic. I strongly recommend Nancy Osborne as a speaker for any organization – the audience will learn amazing new tactics that will positively change the dynamics of any work environment!”

TISH FIRMAN, Head of Design, Lovegrove Construction

“Nancy Osborne's presence is undeniable and her voice truly resonates with her audience. The pace of her presentation holds your attention the entire time. Her confidence is contagious, her story telling is captivating and she leaves her audience embracing their own power!”

FRANCIS BOTHAM, Business Owner

“Nancy is a unique woman. Her immense career accomplishments send the message to women internationally that the gender barriers are crumbling, thanks to the perseverance of women like her. She deserves all the accolades that can be given. You are awesome, Nancy Osborne!”