Unlock your tactical collaborator

make your presence undeniable and your voice resonate

Nancy Osborne, CD, provides a unique perspective in a powerful and highly engaging keynote speech. Corporations that want to get the most from all of their people recognize the need to ensure everyone has a voice at the table.  Dominating personalities and even bullies exist everywhere.  Good ideas are too often lost to the rumble of the loudest and pace of the most assertive.  When team members do not feel their voices are heard, they either withdraw or become aggressive or emotional and teams no longer collaborate for the best result. 

In Unlock Your Tactical Collaborator, Nancy openly shares her stories and collaborative tactics; inspiring others to ensure their presence is undeniable and their voices resonate. Anyone attending the talk will learn how to preempt the bully, manage the idea thief, and be recognized for their ideas and contributions while participating as collaborative members of the team. 


Photo by: Tomasz Szumski BlueCamel 3D Photography


Manage An Office Predator Before It Becomes Sexual Harassment Or Worse

Nancy Osborne, CD, takes a unique approach to workplace harassment: shut it  down before it begins. Corporate and Government organizations intent on due diligence in the protection and empowerment of their employees know the cost of harassment in the workplace. Imagine giving your employees the tools to stop it before it starts. 

Most people don’t want to make a scene, or feel like the center of attention in an uncomfortable situation. On the other hand, when someone doesn’t deal with a predator before the situation becomes harassment, then the harasser feels that their actions are accepted and they are entitled to continue or even escalate the behavior. Co-workers become aware of the situation and feel the need to take sides; dividing teams, and affecting collaboration and ultimately, production.

Other programs and internal training address what to do after you've been harassed. In Unlock Your Instincts, Nancy shares the tactics to recognize and manage a situation before it escalates. Audiences learn to identify predatory behavior; establish clear boundaries and shut down workplace harassment before it even begins. 

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