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JOURNEY 2 SUCCESS - Company of Women

  • Journey 2 Success 2515 Wyecroft Rd Oakville, ON Canada (map)

It’s the 13th conference.

Since 2005 Company of Women have been hosting the ever-popular Journey 2 Success conference which attracts business women from across the province and beyond.

Our goal

this year is to give you the tools and confidence to turn your dream into a reality, to help you overcome the barriers that hold you back, both professionally and personally.

At the conference,

you will be hearing from speakers who have done just that. They are our role models and will be sharing their stories and expertise.

Nancy Osborne CD.jpg

Owning the Power of Your Voice

This is a session about engaging your voice in a way that resonates; whether at the boardroom table, managing a crisis or demonstrating your undeniable presence every day. Like a good singer, we all have range. Learn to expand your range and use that range to not only be heard but command respect.

Nancy Osborne

Nancy Osborne CD, is an accomplished speaker and trainer who has presented to audiences from Afghanistan to New York. With a non-traditional career that spanned more than forty years, she often found herself as the only woman in some of the most misogynistic old boy's clubs, in some of the most dangerous places, around the world.

Her stories recounting her adventures are laced with humour while at the same time filled with motivational life lessons. She credits her successes to an “I got this” attitude, stepping into her power and trusting her instincts. Nancy doesn’t have a bucket list but believes that there is always another amazing adventure around the next corner. Through her stories she inspires others to make their voices resonate and their presence undeniable as they navigate life’s unpredictable paths.