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Since the age of 17, Nancy Osborne has navigated the minefields of misogyny and the battlefields of bullying. She attributes her many successes to her "I Got This" attitude and listening to her instincts. After 40+ years as a woman in non-traditional roles, she managed to maintain her femininity while at the same time develop a reputation as a highly respected security professional.  The challenges of succeeding simultaneously in both of these seemingly contradictory roles required that she develop a unique array of tactical approaches for her personal life and in her workplace. Now twice retired, once from the Military and once from the United Nations, she is passionate about sharing her hard fought for successes and insights with others.   In 2016 she founded I GOT THIS as a vehicle to reach others with her messages around predator identification, risk assessment, individual risk tolerance and tactical collaboration. 

Nancy set up the Unlocking Your Instincts workshop to address the challenges that women encounter every day of their lives.  She is personally aware that these challenges can result in dire consequences to our security and well-being.  Nancy was determined to provide pragmatic tools that are comfortable for anyone in any situation. She attributes much of the success of the Unlocking Your Instincts workshops to the practicality of the tactics and insights shared in an intimate setting. 

Nancy understands that by bringing together the emotional, psychological and physical aspects of personal security, the workshops inspire women to own their power, wear their confidence and live their passions.  But to be fully integrated across an authentic life and career, she developed additional tactics for managing, what at times seem like, impossible challenges in the workplace. 


Wanting to reach the largest audiences possible, Nancy developed Unlock Your Tactical Collaborator and Unlock Your Instincts,  keynote speeches that resonate with anyone who has ever experienced bullying or sexual harassment in the workplace.  In Unlock Your Tactical Collaborator, Nancy articulates straightforward tactics that allow you to be heard over the bully and recognized for your ideas and contributions without appearing emotional, competitive, or aggressive.  In Unlock Your Instincts, she shows you how to manage an office predator before it becomes sexual harassment or something worse.

A portion of the funds raised from the workshops are held by the YWCA and used to offset the cost of delivering workshops to women at risk or who otherwise might not be in a financial position to attend.

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