Reconnect with natural instincts that allow you to quickly identify potential threats in everyday life AND when the unexpected happens. We too often put aside our instincts to be polite or because we think we are not “sure” and are afraid of embarrassing ourselves. The workshop explores strategies and tactics that can be utilized to realistically assess risk and have the confidence to comfortably confront a wide variety of situations. The day moves through situational awareness and predator identification along the continuum to managing verbal and physical confrontation. I GOT THIS believes that personal security goes beyond just physical self defense; it is a place where the psychological and emotional meet the physical.

Unlike other programs, “Unlocking Your Instincts” isn’t about what NOT to do, it’s about saying  “I GOT THIS” 

unlock your TACTICAL collaborator

Since the age of 17, Nancy Osborne has made sure her voice was heard and respected in some of the biggest and most misogynistic boys' clubs in the world. In Unlock Your Tactical Collaborator, she openly shares her stories and collaborative tactics; inspiring others to ensure their presence is undeniable and their voices resonate. She is passionate about talking to people who want to interact effectively in the workplace and at the boardroom table without being accused of being too emotional, competitive or aggressive. By attending this talk you will learn how to be heard over the bully and be recognized for your ideas and contributions. 

If you have ever felt that you didn’t have a voice at the table and you are passionate, open-minded and willing to be challenged; let Nancy Osborne show you how to Unlock Your Tactical Collaborator .